Spring Updates (3.8.21)

This update includes the ability to carryover nutrients from year to year, along with various improvements and performance enhancements. See additional details below.

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Use the search box to quickly navigate between scenarios
  • Switch between pages using the navigation found below the scenarios list

Updated Color Scheme

The old color scheme utilized two shades of green, dark green (granular-applied nitrogen release) and light green (foliar-applied nitrogen release), along with a dark blue used to represent the cold impact based on the selected climate zone.


The new color scheme is designed to simplify things, utilizing green for granular-applied nitrogen release, blue for foliar-applied nitrogen release, and a neutral gray for cold impact based on the climate zone selected.


Addition of Carryover Function

The TNT has historically been configured to allow for the planning of a single calendar year's nutritional program. With the addition of the carryover function, the tool now allows nutrition to be rolled into the following year's plan, providing a smoother transition and a more accurate illustration of nitrogen release from the prior year's program to the beginning of the program for the new year.

How does carryover work?

An early-December application of Contec DG 18-9-18 at 3.0 lbs./1000ft2 in a warmer climate zone (one with no cold impact) would provide more than four months of nitrogen release, represented by the green bars on the release curve visual. Given the timing of the application, however, there would only be a few weeks of nitrogen release represented on the right edge of the current year's release curve. The remaining release that extends beyond the end of the current year is the carryover, which can now be captured in the following year's plan.

How will I know if my scenario produces carryover?

The first hint that carryover has been produced is the appearance of a gold box just above the release curve. This alert also quantifies the amount of carryover being produced.


How can I tell which of my scenarios produce carryover?

The Dashboard screen now includes a Produces Carryover column. A gold dot indicates any scenario that produces carryover.

How do I utilize carryover at the beginning of a new scenario?

  • On the Dashboard screen, click the arrow next to a scenario's name to open the action menu.
  • If a scenario has produced carryover, there will be an option reading "Replicate w/ Carryover".
  • Selecting this option will begin a replicated version of the chosen scenario, with the carryover in place (represented by gold bars on the release curve) at the beginning of the year.
  • Below the release curve, the carryover is represented as an application without a specific date attached.
  • Use the blue eye icon to toggle carryover on and off.
  • With carryover shown, use the blue eye icon on other early-season applications to gauge carryover's impact and make any necessary adjustments.


For questions on these updates or any aspect of the TNT, don't hesitate to contact us.

This tool is designed to provide a model for nutrient release over time. Factors like soil health and moisture are not taken into consideration. The Andersons is not responsible for improper product combinations, timing, rates, or application strategies. Always read and follow label directions.

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